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9295 West Flamingo Road unit 130, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Sin City Kings - Game 3

May 17, 2024

7:00 pm

Sin City Kings - Game 3

In our upcoming away series against the Sin City Kings, the Mansfield Barracudas are set to embark on a journey to face this formidable opponent for the very first time. As the game approaches, anticipation is building among fans, eager to witness the birth of a new and exciting rivalry. The Mansfield Barracudas, fueled by the determination to make a strong impression on the road, will strive to secure a memorable victory against the Kings in this inaugural meeting. This upcoming series promises to be an electrifying showcase of skill and determination, with both teams aiming to shape the evolving rivalry between the Mansfield Barracudas and the Sin City Kings in a memorable showdown at the Kings' home arena.

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