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9295 West Flamingo Road unit 130, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Sin City Kings - Game 4

May 18, 2024

7:00 pm

Sin City Kings - Game 4

In the upcoming Game 2 of our away series against the Sin City Kings, the Mansfield Barracudas are preparing for the second chapter of our historic rivalry with this formidable opponent. As this series marks the first-ever meetings between our franchises, fans are eagerly awaiting another exciting matchup on the road. The Mansfield Barracudas, driven by their desire for victory, will aim to build upon the intensity of their inaugural encounter, while the Sin City Kings will be equally determined to leave their mark on their home ice. This future showdown promises to deliver another electrifying display of skill and determination, as both teams compete fiercely and continue to shape the evolving rivalry between the Mansfield Barracudas and the Sin City Kings in an action-packed contest at the Kings' home arena.

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