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The Barracudas, or Cudas, were originally a youth recreation team in the 90's.


Robin, along with Co Owner and wife Kristin Mullen, turned the Barracudas from a recreational team to a semi pro sports team the Mansfield Barracudas centered around community, family and hard work. As a team they believe in giving back to the community through charity work and running a non profit, but at the center of the teams structure is family.


Robin had dreamed of having his own team ever since he was a kid playing for the Barracudas youth team. After meeting with some other Mountain West Hockey League team owners and looking into what it took to own his own team, Kristin convinced him to just go for it. Giving Robin the push he needed to get  stared he approached good friend Royce Brunner and asked him to be his right hand man as Assistant General Manager.


Robin and Kristin quickly started the search for players and coaches. Longtime friend and hockey player at many levels Sean Simpson joined the coaching staff as an assistant. Along with Megan Garza who in 2020 was named the first female head coach in MWHL history. The first head coach in Barracudas history was Texas Tech Head Coach Hagen Massie.

In 2023 Robin & Kristin will be stepping away as owners and letting a new leadership group move the team into the next phase. Wayne Johns & Michael Tatum will carry on Barracuda hockey in Mansfield. 


Barracudas Hockey is all about loving what you do, surrounding yourself with family, and giving back. We love hockey, we love the ice, the cold and getting hit and hitting back. We love our teammates and consider them family, we support each other and have each others backs. Most importantly we love our community. We believe in leaving it better then we found it. We believe in good change and making a difference. We are Texas Hockey.

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