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Wayne Johns

Co-Owner and General Manager

Meet Wayne Johns, the driving force behind the Barracudas Hockey Club. Wayne, a Mansfield, Texas native, joined the team in 2019 and quickly ascended to the role of team captain in 2020. Known for his unwavering commitment to the sport and deep community ties, Wayne took over as owner after just three seasons.

Growing up in Mansfield, Wayne's love for the Barracudas runs deep. His journey from player to owner showcases his passion for the game and dedication to the local community. As owner, he has not only steered the team to success but has also made it a vital part of Mansfield's identity.

Wayne's vision extends beyond the rink. He's been actively involved in community initiatives, enriching the lives of Mansfield's residents and solidifying the Barracudas as a symbol of hometown pride. Wayne Johns, the local hero who now owns the Barracudas Hockey Club, is a testament to what dedication and community spirit can achieve.


Michael Tatum

Co-Owner & Assistant General Manager 

Michael Tatum, who initially joined the Barracudas Hockey Club in 2019, transitioned into the role of co-owner in 2023 while also serving as the team's assistant captain. His leadership, both on and off the ice, is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the sport.

A dedicated family man, Michael's passion for hockey is only matched by his love for his loved ones. Beyond his duties with the team, he is deeply involved in the Mansfield community, actively working to share his love for the sport with local youth and promote its growth in the area.

Michael Tatum's journey from player to co-owner is a reflection of his multifaceted dedication, not only driving the Barracudas to success but also contributing to the growth of hockey in Mansfield. His unique blend of leadership, family values, and community spirit is a source of inspiration for the organization and the community at large.

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Josh Messick

Co-Owner & Event Coordinator

Josh Messick, the formidable starting goalie for the Barracudas, took on a unique dual role when he joined the team in 2019. His journey from the goal crease to the owner's suite is a testament to his dedication to the organization and the sport of hockey.

In 2019, Josh's remarkable journey with the Barracudas began. His prowess as a goaltender and his unyielding commitment to the team made him an integral part of their success on the ice. His skill between the pipes was matched only by his passion for the game.

In 2023, Josh, alongside Wayne Johns and Michael Tatum, assumed ownership of the Barracudas Hockey Club. His transition from player to owner was driven by a shared vision to plan and schedule events for the 2023-2024 season and beyond. Josh Messick's unique perspective as a former player, coupled with his commitment to the organization's success, has brought a fresh approach to the Barracudas, ensuring that the team continues to thrive both on and off the ice. His journey serves as an inspiring example of dedication and determination, and his contribution to the Barracudas' future is immeasurable.


Kevin Ely

Co-Owner & Team Coordinator/Community Outreach

Kevin Ely, a tenacious defenseman who first joined the Barracudas in 2019, epitomizes the passion and dedication that defines the team. In 2019, Kevin's arrival marked the beginning of an incredible journey with the Barracudas, a journey that would ultimately lead him to ownership.

Kevin's commitment to the organization was unwavering from the start. His dedication to both the sport and the team made him a natural choice when the ownership group was formed. His passion for the game and the Barracudas was undeniable, making him a vital component of the new ownership team.

In his role as a defenseman, Kevin Ely was known for his hard work, attention to detail, and unrelenting commitment to the team's success. These qualities made him the perfect candidate for the role of team coordinator and community outreach, where his meticulous approach ensures that the Barracudas thrive on and off the ice, while maintaining strong ties with the local community. Kevin's journey from defender to owner serves as an inspiring testament to the power of dedication and the indomitable spirit of the Barracudas Hockey Club.

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