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1667 W Steele Ln, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Santa Rosa Growlers - Game 2

November 18, 2023

7:00 pm

Santa Rosa Growlers - Game 2

In the upcoming Game 2 of the series, scheduled to be played at Snoopy's Ice Arena, the Mansfield Barracudas are preparing to face off once again against the Santa Rosa Growlers in a highly anticipated rematch. With this game set in the future, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this evolving rivalry. The Barracudas, buoyed by a potential Game 1 victory, will strive to continue their winning streak, while the Growlers will be determined to defend their home turf and mount a comeback. This future showdown promises to deliver another thrilling display of skill and tenacity, with both teams vying for supremacy and fans anticipating a captivating sequel to the series.

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